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“grrrrrrrrreeaaaat!!! love da app!!” – Veronica Ramos

Snap it for an Instant!

The first real, self-destructing Photo Sharing app for Android is finally here – for free! Share your dorky, funny, goofy, sexy, embarrassing, hilarious, or wild photos with the best free photo-messaging app!

For the first time on Android, share your photos with your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever with the safety and security of knowing that no screenshot can be taken. And pictures can’t be saved in the receiver’s app. Once the photo is no longer displayed, it’s gone forever!

Cool Features

• Easy to use!
• Best private photo sharing app.
• Keep your relationship hot and intimate! Or take it to another level if you’ve just started dating.
• More fun than SnapChat or any other “sexting” photo-messaging app out there.
• Your photos are made safe via 128-bit encryption.
• Perfect for husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, young and old, or anybody in between :) Help find a boyfriend or help find a girlfriend.
• Photos are only decrypted in InstaSnap on the person’s phone you sent it to.
• Instantly add your friends to InstaSnap via your phones contact book.
• Take a fresh picture or use one from your library.
• No cost to send your sexy photos internationally! Great for couples in other countries in long-distance relationships.
• Free!
• Photos only stay on the server until the other person has viewed them (this is so people who are offline can see their pix later), then they’re deleted forever!
• Send unlimited private text-photos for free quickly and securely.
• Filters, text and voice (Coming soon! Keep InstaSnap’n so you don’t miss out!)

Send private photo “text messages” to each other fast! Servers and InstaSnap have been optimized so your photos get to your friends in the blink of an eye.

We liked SnapChat (and now Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon with Facebook Poke) but both allowed the receiver to take a screenshot. So really, your photos weren’t safe from unwanted eyes seeing them, or if the phone was ever stolen.

We solved that problem by not allowing a user to take a screenshot while using InstaSnap. Photo’s “self-destruct” after they have been viewed, which means they’re not saved on your phone or the server. So there’s no way for your personal, goofy or sexy private photo messages to be saved by anyone else!

Download InstaSnap today for FREE and get InstaSnap’n!


Private photo messaging has never been easier. Just tap your contact, send your funny picture, and get one back!


Just a few Reviews

I think its cool follow me on instagram @hey_its_chloe246 Ok

chloe rogers

fun like snapchat but can’t save pixxx !!!

Jo Raymond